#DigitalMaidan Twitter Storm

Add your voice to support freedom and democracy in Ukraine!

Twitter Storm – 29 January at 14.00 GMT

If you can’t be at the Downing St protest on 29 January in person, you can still join in from your computer, tablet, or smartphone – in seconds! A twitter storm is a co-ordinated burst of tweets to spread awareness and call for action and hopefully create a viral trend which people will pick up all around the world.

If you don’t already have a Twitter Account, follow the instructions below to sign up. Then join the twitter storm!

Go to http://twitter.com and sign up for a Twitter account using the basic form on the home page. Feel free to use a nickname if you wish. Once you’ve entered your email, username, password, and name, and have submitted the form, your account is ready. It’s very quick and easy to do.

You do not have to follow the users that Twitter suggests. But please consider following us @augbsub, find out who we follow to see whether they interest you, or use the search bar to find others in Ukraine and elsewhere to follow.

Hashtags play a vital role in creating viral content on the Internet. We have used them in a list of pre-made Tweets for this Twitter Storm. Feel free to get creative with your own Tweets, but always use the hashtags #DigitalMaidan & #EuroMaidan to make sure our efforts are shared and have the potential to be viral.

#DigitalMaidan UK Instructions
Twitter Storm: Wednesday 29 January at 14.00 GMT

The Twitter storm starts at 14.00 GMT on 29 January to co-incide with the demonstration outside Downing St and the delivery of the petition to the Prime Minister.

You can, of course, be creative and write your own tweets. But we’ve tried to make it easy by creating a list of addresses and ready-made tweets, covering key UK and EU politicians and political organisations and media organisations.

All you have to do is go to tweet.augb.co.uk for the ready-made tweets, make sure you’re signed in to your Twitter account and press the tweet icon shown against each tweet. Just one click will send your tweet to that person. It couldn’t be easier.

We suggest that you do 10-20 as a start, then continue down the list, with another batch of tweets every 20 – 30 minutes.

Thank you – and let’s get tweeting in support of a free and democratic Ukraine!