The Torch of Remembrance has been a recent focus of activity, travelling through key states and cities of Canada from 18 April to 4 May, but there has also been a significant amount of parliamentary activity, as well as press coverage.

The Torch began its journey in Toronto on 18 April, when an exhibition – Holodomor – Genocide by Famine – was opened at Toronto City Hall.

Stefan Horlatsch, a Holodomor survivor, has been travelling across Canada with the torch to raise awareness about the historical event. He is a retired educator who currently lives in Toronto.

A real success has been the passing of a Bill by the Saskatchewan Legislature to proclaim a Holodomor remembrance day.



Stefan Horlatsch passes on the torch to a new generation

Stefan Horlatsch on the steps of the Alberta legislature with the Premier of Alberta – photo by Stefan Nastenko