The Torch of Remembrance began its journey in Australia on 6 April and travelled to various cities around the country.

A leading newspaper, the Melbourne Age, compiled an excellent multimedia report on the Holodomor, including video material from Ukraine and survivor testimony. 

The Torch Rally events in Australia provoked a furious reaction from the Russian Embassy, who denied that the Holodomor was genocide, and accused Ukrainians of turning the famine into a political issue.  The Ukrainian Embassy and the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) were quick to respond, deploring the Russian Embassy’s attempt to create tensions between the Ukrainian and Russian communities and asking some key questions;

“If the Russian Embassy is, as it asserts, keen to ensure that the facts about the Holodomor are presented correctly in Australia, the AFUO challenges the Russian Embassy to answer two questions:

  • Has the Russian Government and Security Service declassified the archives of the former Soviet Union relating to the Holodomor period and made them public?
  • Has the Russian Government / Security Service returned to Ukraine as requested by SBU, the archival material of the former USSR relating to the Holodomor period in Ukraine? “

More information on Holodomor commemorations in Australia.

An Australian Holodomor survivor with the torch on the steps of the Parliament building in Victoria

Rally in Canberra, photo by Marichka Halaburda