The Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators

The Association’s main purposes are to:

  • promote the teaching of the Ukrainian language, literature, history and geography amongst children of Ukrainian descent in Great Britain
  • set the curriculum, and provide educational support to the network of Ukrainian community schools around the country
  • provide a forum for teachers at Ukrainian community schools to share experience and materials which help develop their work

The Association has links with several educational institutions in Ukraine and other countries round the world and is regularly invited to contribute to discussions about teaching Ukrainian in the diaspora.

A particular issue for the Association is that, for many years, Ukrainian has not been a GCSE subject.  The Association is in discussion with the main examination boards and other institutions about renewing the Ukrainian GCSE or finding an alternative accreditation for children attending community schools. 

Seminars on teaching topics are held regularly and the Association has a significant library of teaching materials for all age ranges, which can be purchased on request, including curriculum guides for older classes. The Association also sets and conducts the 16+ internal examination for all Ukrainian schools.

For further information about the Association, events, or to become a member, please contact a member of the national committee.

National Committee contacts

Genia Mandzij 
0161 905 2437

Deputy Chair
Editor of LOGOS
Jaroslaw Wasylyuk 
01274 780 731

Member of Examination Board
Maria Sawdyk 
0161 720 7442

Treasurer and Membership Officer
Tania Stasiuk 
0113 269 3973

Chair of Examination Board
Bohdan Ostrozynskyj
0116 269 6627