Associated organisations

AUGB works closely with many other Ukrainian community organisations, both nationally and locally.

Two organisations work semi-autonomously within the AUGB’s organisational structure:

  • The Association of Ukrainian Women, which unites women of Ukrainian descent and women of other nationalities who have Ukrainian husbands or partners in a range of cultural, educational and social welfare activities;
  • The Association of Ukrainian Teachers and Educators, which promotes teaching of Ukrainian language, history and literature, and is responsible for the curriculum in the network of Ukrainian community schools around the country.

Other Ukrainian Churches and organisations, which are independent, but with whom AUGB works closely include:

  • The Ukrainian Catholic and Autocephalous Orthodox Churches
  • The Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM)
  • Plast – the Ukrainian Scouting movement
  • Various organisations which bring together Ukrainians from different regions of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian student organisations, at LSE, Oxford and Cambridge.