AUGB Board of Directors

The AUGB's Board of Directors is elected annually by delegates to the Annual General Meeting. The Board comprises a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 members, plus the Chairman of the Association, who is a member of the Board.

Any member is eligible for election to the Board in accordance with the Articles of Association. Board members become statutory Directors of the Association and are registered as Directors at Companies House. The positions are unpaid, but travelling expenses are reimbursed.

Board members do not represent a particular branch or interest, but as Directors, are required to act in the best interests of the Association as a whole. As well as their statutory responsibilities, they are accountable to the membership for:

  • Providing leadership within a framework of effective working practices and controls which promote the development of AUGB while assessing and managing risk
  • Serving the interests of its members and other stakeholders, including staff, suppliers, other Ukrainian organisations and the wider Ukrainian community in accordance with the Mission, Vision and values of AUGB
  • Driving forward the strategy of AUGB to ensure its continued development for the benefit of  its members and the wider Ukrainian community
  • Monitoring the progress of AUGB and its executive management in implementing its strategies, plans and policies
  • Ensuring AUGB is run with integrity, complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and conducts its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Meetings of the full Board take place once a quarter. From time to time members of the Board are also members of one or more policy committees, which focus on the main strategic areas for development. The five members of the Executive Committee meet monthly in between Board meetings and, as well as maintaining an overview of AUGB activities overall, act as the Editorial Board for AUGB’s newspaper 'Ukrayinska Dumka'.

Board of Directors (elected 17 June 2017)

Petro Rewko - Chairman of the Association, Board and Executive Committee: 

Executive Committee:

Iryna Terlecky - Deputy Chair
Fedir Kurlak - Chief Executive of AUGB Ltd 
Roman Bodnarec - Finance Director
John Kaniuka - Member
Zenko Lastowiecki - Member

Other Board members:

Martyn Chymera
Anna Dezyk
Petro Kormylo
Mike Kuziw
Marian Kosmirak
Terry Kowal
Yevhen Kurlak
Petro Luczka
Volodymyr Muzyczka
Andriy Rutkowskyj
Bohdan Terlecky
Bohdan Ratych

Dr Siriol Colley (niece of Gareth Jones) addressing the opening of the Genocide denied exhibition, 2003

At Linden Gardens HQ preparing to meet President Yushchenko 2005

At 49 Linden Gardens preparing to greet President Yushchenko 2005

Then President of AUGB, Lubomyr Mazur, greeting President Yushchenko 2005

Then President of AUGB, Lubomyr Mazur, greeting President Yushchenko 2005